Saturday, July 17, 2010

Curry Chicken Puff

All you need to have are one packet of Kawan brand Puff pastry and any thing that you would like to stuff in.

Remember to brush the puff with an egg wash after 10mins of baking and it will turn into a nice golden brown color.

After 20mins of baking.

And Ta daaa~~

It's ready for delivery service =)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cheese Muffin

Fattening!! Fattening!!!!

Butter Sponge Cake

This was the second attempt. Very simple steps and definitely will bring you the sense of satisfaction!


1. 500gm Sponge cake mix

2. 6 eggs

3. 150gm Butter

4. 100ml water

I was using Buffalo SMart cooker to bake this cake, 45mins and Deng deng.....Ready to serve!
*Dad loves it =)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pasir Pinji, 兵如港 - Ipoh, Perak

I was outstation to Ipoh for a business trips. Besides business of course not to mention, looking for good place and good foods to share with you all.....

This is the famous 'Ji Le Tong', a historical buddisht temple and of course a tourist point...

Collegues requested to visit this temple first before going for lunch. They are faithful Buddhist, of course i won't dissapointed them.

Look ! a lot of fish in the lake.

After visited to the temple, we headed to the Ipoh famous Food court at Pasir Pinji.

Local Ipoh people named this place as 'Tai Su Dao' meaning 'Big Tree'... is located at Pasir Pinji, Ipoh. And i think they named it as Tai Su Dao because the place is covered by some of the big trees......

This is what people called "Pang Tai Wun", Green Herb, If anyone went to Betong , Thailand, might heard about this.

Icy fruits mixed, people who comes here, will definitely order this item. Girls favorites!

Their famous foods are 'Yong Tau Foo' they fried everything on the spot, therefore fresh, hot and crispy. You can pick either fried or soup.

Besides Yong Tau Foo, they also served fried noodles, curry laksa and asam laksa....

Any plan to visit Ipoh this holiday??? Must drop by this place and try the foods here...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hong Kong Dessert - Kepong

Hong Kong is a dessert shop located at Taman Usahawan, Kepong.

Mango with cream (RM6.00). I was attracted by it outlook and thought it was filled with ice-cream but actually it is CREAM.... I personally don't like it as i think it too fattening.

Tou Fu Fa (RM 3.00). Smooth and nice. They sweetener served separately so that you can add according to your preference.

Red dates with Aloe Vera (RM 6.50). The red dates is used to help increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain and to improve memory. It add natural sweetness and the aloe is crunchy...

Quill eggs with Fungus (RM5.00).

Snow Jelly with lotus seed (RM 12.00). Girls should have more snow jelly as it can lead to healthier skin complexion. Besides, its cholesterol-free!

Overall the dessert taste okay and worth find out as they really have lots of variety....

D-G-6, Jln Metro Perdana,
Tmn Usahawan , Kepong.
03- 62510209

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The famous Fish Mee Hoon (蕉赖四楼湖滨鱼头米粉)

I love fish head meehoon but it is hardly to find a delicious bowl of it. I am addicted to this 蕉赖四楼湖滨鱼头米粉 after the first tried at Desa Water Park. As i know, there are few brances, namely Desa Water Park, Seri Kembangan and also the main one at Jalan Cheras. For more details, please search from :)

Used to drive all the way down to Desa Water Park for this fish head meehoon. It was always in the very packed condition and we need to share the table with the others. Nonethess, it was quite far distance from my house. Luckily during my previos job, my former colleague told me that there was a superb fish head meehoon around Seri Kembangan. So without hestitate, I head to there on a sunday morning. Out of my expectation, it is the same one as in Desa Water Park. I was so excited as i can have it anytime i want and without need to travel a long journey.

These definitely cannot be left out

RM 6.00 per bowl. You can choose either Fried Fish Head, Raw Fish Head or Mix of Fish Paste. (Strongly recommened to go for Fried Fish Head + Fish Paste)
Got to know from the newspaper report, the meehoon was handmade. Wont swell after absorb the soup.

Can you see that Big Fish Paste? I love it

Yee Mee version is also available.

Trust me, so far this is the best fish head meehoon in the town. I can finish the whole bowl even the soup as i like salty vegie too :)

p/s: to Alvin, as I never try your mum's stall fish head meehoon, so this is the best for me. I might change my perception once i try aunty's cooking.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baked Cheese Potato

Had been ages since the last post. Reasons were because there is no special or new dishes to be proud of and also getting lazy to blog. Anyhow, recently i was motivated to have new post after reading and browsing through the best sista blog. She just happen to have a quite similar blog,

I admire her cooking, baking or either sewing skill and definitely i am proud of you, Net.

I have nothing but a very simple yet delicious and fattening Baked Cheese Potato to start after a long lost post. I am not fancy to potato but i am addicted to KFC Cheese Potato Wedges. Since there is still no recipe for the cheese sauce as the one use in KFC, thus i replaced it with mozzarella cheese and dipping with mayonnaise (as it is going to expiry soon :P).

The next i going to explore is Baked Stuffed Potato. Oh ya, Oven is a very good kitchen helper :)