Thursday, December 13, 2007

Breakfast at Betong,Thailand (Business Trip 1)

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Lunch at Betong, Thailand (Business Trip 1)

Second day, everybody woke up so early and went out to hunt the food, you know why we could wake up so early? haha... it is because Thailand time is 1 hour delays with our local time, means when KL 8.30 am then Thailand is only 7.30am.

Walking along the street and we met this stall, we tempted by their special Kua Tiu inside the mirror. Never see this kind of Kua Tiu in KL, craving to try for it.

Feel satisfaction to the stall and ingredients because there are so clean and tidy arranged. 1 thing that make me very curious, no housefly in the Betong!

I still not yet find out the answer. Anyone that went there before knows the answer?

The Kua Tiu is so smooth and the size is different compare with our local Kua Tiu. Very important! It is oiless.

Fried Kua Tiu Mee

We special ask the auntie to add poached egg for us, the fried Kua Tiu Mee very tasty! Obviously good for health because not much oil used.

The poached egg also met my standard, the yolk is half-cooked and the Fried Kua Tiu Mee served with fish cake, egg, prawn, squid and also vegetable. Priced at RM3.50

Pull Tea, Teh Tarik, Before stir, you can see the tea is so dense. Priced at RM1.00

After stir, it was smooth and dense. You could feel the aroma of the tea and it was really tasty, the sweet adjusted was perfect!

Of course, the Fried Kua Tiu Mee could not fulfill our big appetite, we ordered the half-boiled egg to refill back the protein to our body! As you know protein can repair our cell. haha!

You can see the yolk is orange color, it is different with our local egg's yolk that light yellow color. The uncle told us, it was because their chicken is homegrown so the yolk also look different and higher nutrition. The half-boiled egg served to us after took out from the egg's shell and came with pepper and soy cause. 80 cent per egg

After finished our breakfast, we ordered the soy bean juice that mixed with pearl and jelly to bring along to the massage center to do the foot massage. The soy sauce sold at 80 cent.

FYI... foot massage at Thailand is only RM23 per hour, very very cheap compares with KL

A lot of interesting post coming... next post will talk about sea food in Thailand.

Stay with me.. to be continue...


wenching & esiong said...

Soy bean milk with pearl and jelly sounds new to me. Your Thailand trip seems fun, get to try out different food there!

evonne said...

I like massage a lot~ enjoy it to the max. Tried once at Pattaya, syiok nyer!!!!

Betong, is it there is a Chinese university? My uni lecturers going to visit there this month too.

Nic (KHKL) said...

wah, the kway teow looks good leh! kinda look like chee cheong fun...a very healthy dish! but no lard, no "kick" lor...hehe...

yammylicious said...

opss i love the soya bean wif pearl jelly.. soemthing new.. buy will lao sai not?! lolx..

~Christine~Leng said...

I miss the soft boiled eggs served in a glass!
business trip to thai.. is that where you get sun burned? haha..
seems fun tho!

can't wait for your seafood review!

ai wei said...

very cheap ar!!! next time if my aunt going there, i must tag along! ><

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

Wen Ching n Esiong: Ya, still have a lot of nice Thai's food not yet try out. Will try it out for next visit hehe..
Tom Yam Kung pls wait for me to come ya hehe...

Evonne: I not sure coz nv see any Chinese university at there.

Nic: hahah ya lo! Lard is very important to make the dish more aroma~ but Thai different with us, normally we mix lard with the fried food but they mix the lard with the soup food. Different food culture huh!

Yammylicious: hahaha would not lao sai la coz i drink a lot now feel that i am younger than before maybe it has the ingredient like Sheep's placental extract. :P

Christine Leng: Ya ya but now getting better hehehe...
I like half-boiled egg a lot, my must-order food when visits Old Town

Ai Wei: Bangkok is more fun i think, Betong is just a small town :D

panyow said...

must try PanYow Seafood just 15m b4 1st traffic light(nx 2 Sri Betong hotel) on u left,,opens daily 2pm-2am ,,Chef's delicacies :-Thai fried curry crabs.steamed sqid with lemon/spices,fresh rock oysters++, fresh (sea)seafood grilled,steamed,baked to whet ur apetite & taste.....Alfresco dining (under the stars)Free KTV / soothing sounds,,,,,c u soon..+668 9597 9809 RSVP