Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baked Cheese Potato

Had been ages since the last post. Reasons were because there is no special or new dishes to be proud of and also getting lazy to blog. Anyhow, recently i was motivated to have new post after reading and browsing through the best sista blog. She just happen to have a quite similar blog,

I admire her cooking, baking or either sewing skill and definitely i am proud of you, Net.

I have nothing but a very simple yet delicious and fattening Baked Cheese Potato to start after a long lost post. I am not fancy to potato but i am addicted to KFC Cheese Potato Wedges. Since there is still no recipe for the cheese sauce as the one use in KFC, thus i replaced it with mozzarella cheese and dipping with mayonnaise (as it is going to expiry soon :P).

The next i going to explore is Baked Stuffed Potato. Oh ya, Oven is a very good kitchen helper :)


嬌小玲瓏 said...

Oh my dear sis, your compliments make me flying high up in the sky. TQ

Christy said...

Hahaha....welcome back to blogging!~:)

Shell (貝殼) said...

I'm still saving money 4 the oven~~

PlatinumGirl said...

hey i cant see the potato pic? only see a empty foil with cheese :P