Thursday, October 2, 2008

The famous Fish Mee Hoon (蕉赖四楼湖滨鱼头米粉)

I love fish head meehoon but it is hardly to find a delicious bowl of it. I am addicted to this 蕉赖四楼湖滨鱼头米粉 after the first tried at Desa Water Park. As i know, there are few brances, namely Desa Water Park, Seri Kembangan and also the main one at Jalan Cheras. For more details, please search from :)

Used to drive all the way down to Desa Water Park for this fish head meehoon. It was always in the very packed condition and we need to share the table with the others. Nonethess, it was quite far distance from my house. Luckily during my previos job, my former colleague told me that there was a superb fish head meehoon around Seri Kembangan. So without hestitate, I head to there on a sunday morning. Out of my expectation, it is the same one as in Desa Water Park. I was so excited as i can have it anytime i want and without need to travel a long journey.

These definitely cannot be left out

RM 6.00 per bowl. You can choose either Fried Fish Head, Raw Fish Head or Mix of Fish Paste. (Strongly recommened to go for Fried Fish Head + Fish Paste)
Got to know from the newspaper report, the meehoon was handmade. Wont swell after absorb the soup.

Can you see that Big Fish Paste? I love it

Yee Mee version is also available.

Trust me, so far this is the best fish head meehoon in the town. I can finish the whole bowl even the soup as i like salty vegie too :)

p/s: to Alvin, as I never try your mum's stall fish head meehoon, so this is the best for me. I might change my perception once i try aunty's cooking.



♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

my mum's version looks better :P and is claypot type.

Christy said...

I like fish head meehoon too.....sounds like it's so good, and yeah, I can see that big fish paste:D

mimid3vils said...

I like this Woo Pin Fish Head noodle too (Taman Desa branch)

evonne said...

alvin: wait till I try :)

christy: Not only good but best nyer..rite? mimidevils? drooling while seeing the picture

mimi: Taman Desa i think still the best compare to Seri Kembangan. But it is quite a distance from my house. so.....end up i be the frequent customer at seri kembangan branch.

Hey Guys, u all shall try Mr Alvin's mum 's version too.

Shell (貝殼) said...

really the best fish head meehoon in the town??...hehe,must go try liao^^

jelly said...

im a big fan of fishhead meehoon! and true that, if the meehoon will not absorb all the soup, it is definitely a big bonus! i usually love the soup more than the noodles

嬌小玲瓏 said...

I like yee mee... But fish head meehoon is best to eat with mee hoon of course :p
** Prawn mee without prawns and mee! **

evonne said...

Net: i always order "prawn mee without prawn and mee" but MEEHOON...hahahaahhahahaha